… nem os moleculares se salvam.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2004


Também os “impérios” moleculares acabam por cair.

“The ribosome: Proteins are molecular machines and the ribosome is one of (if not the) most important protein molecular machines. The ribosome is the machine which synthesizes proteins. One surprise is that this protein synthesis machine is mainly a large piece of RNA! This probably dates back from the time when RNA dominated the world and proteins were an afterthought.

The RNA-world hypothesis: How did life on Earth evolve? One facinating hypothesis is that the world was dominated by RNA. RNA is a cousin to DNA, but in some ways has properties of both DNA and proteins. Like DNA, RNA can encode genetic material in a way which can easily be replicated and read out. Like proteins, RNA can fold! By folding, it can create interesting molecular machines, which carry out enzyme-like capabilities. These RNA enzymes are called “Ribozymes”. The ribsome, perhaps one of the most important molecular machines, is actually a ribozyme! ”

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