… o futuro que provocamos.

Monday, October 25th, 2004


“LONDON (Reuters) – Britain faces a multi-billion pound flood catastrophe from climate warming unless people have a radical lifestyle change, an energy watchdog says.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) said on Monday Britain could face damage to two million homes and 200 billion pounds of assets from flooding due to rising sea levels as early as 2050.

“Without a drastic reduction in the UK’s energy consumption, emissions of carbon dioxide – one of the leading contributors to climate change – could have disastrous results for the UK,” EST chief executive Philip Sellwood said.”


2 Responses to “… o futuro que provocamos.”

  1. Madalena Pestana Says:

    Este é o presente que já provocámos.

    Como será o futuro que continuamos a provocar?

  2. mfc Says:

    Quando se quizer arrepiar caminho, talvez seja tarde!
    Esta sociedade do ´consumismo/desperdício tem os dias contados… não porque mudemos… mas porque tudo isto vai rebentar!

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