… simulador :-)

Monday, August 22nd, 2005


“Berlin _ The mysterious so-called “Piano Man” who fooled doctors in Britain for months by pretending to be mentally ill was back in his native Germany yesterday after admitting to having staged an elaborate hoax.
The Foreign Office in Berlin confirmed he was a 20-year-old German citizen from Bavaria, but supplied no other information.
The young man, who finally broke his silence to describe himself as an unemployed gay man whose father owns a farm in Germany, flew home over the weekend after being discharged from a mental hospital in southern England…”


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  1. Abudefduf_luridus Says:

    Durante este tempo todo so tocava uma unica musica no piano da igreja e nao abriu a boca durante 5 meses!!
    … e a ainda dizem que eu nao falo muito!!!!

  2. mfc Says:

    Levou toda a gente à certa!

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