La siesta

Monday, May 14th, 2007

Um bom sítio para fechar os olhos…

Sempre que vejo algo deste tipo lembro-me dos meus amigos espanhóis dependentes da “siesta”… curiosamente descubro isto na wikipedia:

“The siesta is the traditional daily sleep of the Southern region of Alentejo, in Portugal, known as sesta. It was adopted also by the Spanish and, through European influence, by Latin American countries…” – wikipedia

(cadeira produzida por Metronaps)

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4 Responses to “La siesta”

  1. Alfonso Says:

    Siesta-addicts fanclub

  2. Pandora Says:

    Fechar os olhos.
    Que cadeira horrível! Aí é que eu não abriria a alma … ;-)

  3. Alfonso Says:

    Pandora, this chair could be upgraded to support IMAX movies (full 360º vision) :D:D:D:D

  4. Pandora Says:

    Alfonso, my soul has very litle to do with IMAX movies and 360º visions ;-)

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